Importance Of Safety In The Workplace

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Supervisor Responsibilities
Occupational health and Safety is very important aspect in every business. The employer is liable for their workers health and safety at the workplace. We will demonstrate some of the responsibilities of both the employer and the employees. The employer responsibility is to provide a safe working environment for all their staff in the organization. So, it can be a healthy working environment. There also responsible for identifying any hazard’s that might be dangerous for staff members. The employer should ensure that all the employees know their rights and regulations under the act and code. Also, there responsible for checking monthly on all the equipment, if there are any defective cutting machines that can harm
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The workplace hazards should be labeled and have extra caution when dealing with food products because we don’t want to have any accidents in the food like for instance food poisoning and many other issues. Therefore, all workers should have extra caution using clean materials knives and sanitizer and following all the safety standards of the organization. They should be aware of any chemical substances that is in the workplace and follow the instructions carefully especially in the hospital, they should be very caution. The importance of identifying the hazards is to ensure that there is a formal process in the organization, to asses any risks effectively and efficiently that may happen in the workplace. The second point is to eliminate hazards and injuries that may happen to the…show more content…
They usually do inspections without notice, either monthly or yearly. Like for example checking if the employees are wearing their safety equipment when performing their jobs. Sometimes the health and safety inspections would take samples of the food to check it, to make sure that its healthy and doesn’t have any food poison that may affect the patients. They can also do inspections on laundry materials to make sure that its cleaned, sanitized for any uses of the materials or equipment. The importance of workplace inspections it helps prevent incidents at the workplace and reduce injuries. Through inspection examination of the workplace it helps to identify and record any hazards and take a corrective action in the organization. Health and safety will step into and conduct a report to occupational health and safety to make sure that its followed through a management

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