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IMPROVEMENT OF SAFETY Ways to improve the safety awareness at workplaces are by getting people back to work with a recovery and emphasis of the important role of safety and health. (BC, 2011) by creating a safety plan to control hazards in workplace and ensure employers and employees know how to works with it. (Emmons, 2006) formal safety and training program with a working field safety manual requires a written procedure, specification and engineering safety requirements and details on how employees works to a specific standard of safety. This program should be behavior-based because 96% related of the accidents or unsafe acts while only 4% are refer to unsafe condition of workplace.
(BC, 2011) do the regularly check on the equipment and
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The worker fatalities main causes are falls and collapse, being struck by a falling or moving objects, electricity and being hit by a moving vehicle. This happens because of no awareness of safety in construction site been taken into account. For the major injuries common causes are slips and falls on the level and handling. Safety in construction is very important to prevent form all the mishap happen because it may cause serious injury, permanent disability and may be fatalities. (Group, n.d.) the facts of the safety workplace is important no one can argue but it unintentionally overlooked, leaving others and workers on job site that exposed to risk. The construction team needs to perform their works safely and know each other roles and responsibilities in regarding safety. (Group, n.d.) safety is about protecting the workers and the team of projects, thus, it also brings financial benefits direct and indirectly results from the safe work environment. The indirect cost includes lost the productivity when people turns the attention to deal with an incidents. Besides, the best workplace environment will stimulate the employee productivity, efficiency, profit margins and will produce a best quality of…show more content…
2) National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Malaysia (NIOSH)
(NIOSH, n.d.) role of NIOSH is entrust to promote a safe and health workplace and workforce in Malaysia, committed to assit employer and employees to effectively manage the occupational safety and health in the organisation and dedicated to provide quality solutions for occupational safety and health issues manner of proffessionals with approaching pramatic that reasonable and practicable.
This programme will improve employers and employees knowledge in matters related to safety and health concept and principles. It also enables them to perform this programmes to meet the requirements and regulations of OSHA.
3) CIDB Green Card Malaysia
(Malaysia, n.d.) CIDB Green Card is an integrated programme that register and accreditate of construction personnel to improving the safety levels at construction sites. The special insurance that covers construction personnel against death and accidents will be automatically covered to whom registers in this CIDB Green

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