Importance Of Sales Promotion

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1.0 Introduction Sales Promotion
Sales promotion is one of the promotion is marketing strategy. Sales promotion is a process of persuading customers to buy the products or services to boost up their sales of the company in the short-term of the period. Beside that, sales promotion is offering consumers’ addition values in the products or services to motivate customer to buy the products or services now, buy more, and buy again and again.

2. Objective of sales promotion
- Create product awareness
Various sales promotion techniques are highly effective for the first time to expose the products to customers. Sales promotion technique can serve as key promotional components in introduction stages of new product life cycle. Besides that, one the efforts that to create the product awareness, sales promotion techniques actually possess the additional advantages of obtaining customer information at the time of espousing to the promotion. Sales promotion can act as an effective customer information-gathering tool in this way of promotion. This kind of sales promotion also can be used as part of follow-up marketing efforts.

- Creating interest
According to KnowThis.com2015, marketers find that sales promotions are very effective in creating interest in a product. Actually, in the sales promotion, there the most important part which is to create the interest of the consumers. An appealing sales promotions can be notable by increasing customer traffic to retail outlets
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