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Nowadays, there are many of perspectives about the important role of salesperson plays in today’s business. It’s obvious that delivering the high-quality products or services is a requirement for the success in today’s business environment, but how they can do that. Thus, to answer the question why selling is important by following points. Firstly, an organisation cannot have the good financial condition without sales department, even they already has the high-tech equipment or a good manufacturing operation (Leslie, n.d.). Secondly, they seem to be one of the sources of revenue, according to Leslie(n.d.), a business organisation’s revenue can come from many sources such as sales, royalties, interest rate as well as dividends from its assets.…show more content…
Firstly, assertiveness, every salesperson need to have an assertive approach that helps them take advantage in case of a customer is delaying a decision without offending or frustrating the customer (Geoffrey, 2012). Just need to ask customers the specific time and date for their final decision which leads them to the close without forcing customers. Secondly, self-awareness, each of them needs to control their own emotion which can help them to build good customer relationship at work or affect your sales effort (Geoffrey, 2012). Hence, identifying your emotion is very important to help you make a deal easily. Following is empathy, understanding the customers’ moods and emotions is the hardest task for a salesperson to approach potential customers, they have to adjust their behaviour by listening and observing to what the consumer is likely to be feeling, it’s may be one of the keys to the success of a salesperson. Finally, problem-solving, facing with many problems or difficulties seem to be usual thing with a salesperson, hence, the way they offer the solution for this will help them to get the customers’ satisfaction (Geoffrey, 2012). In order to be good at this career, you need to have all of these characters as well as be aware of how much you love this job that will make you more…show more content…
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