Importance Of Save Water Essay

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One of the important ways of saving our planet is by using water in a mannered way thus conserving it will provide people with a better life. Everybody knows that water is life without it no living thing will exist or function well. As water is an important aspect of life, my focus will be on ways on how one can be able to save water. Report on phase1 In phase 1 many people hears about water conservation weekly and daily but less hears…show more content…
Many people believes that watering plants maybe twice or once a week is a waste of water, forgetting that plants also need to survive and grow with the help of us watering them. As for the usage of water weekly ,daily and monthly the analysis shows that more water in our households is when used daily because one finds that in the family there are five(5) people and those people have to bath, drink, and wash . More water is then consumed from household chores and that increases the chances of people suffering from lack of water. Mostly few people hear about conservation of water and the effect of having enough water in our daily life. People who are not literate often waste water and do not pay much attention when it comes to conserving water, because some only hears about water conservation twice or once a month so it is an disadvantage to those kind if people. We as the citizens we must come up with a strategy of letting more people to become aware of the importance of having water and the good usage that will result in a developed community or rather improving environment. According to the questionnaires more females uses less water daily because they do not water plants

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