The Importance Of Positive School Discipline

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No one likes to be punished at school, and I mean nobody. Some kids that may be born to be rude or annoying, they may not care. Kids that are smart though and don’t mind school would kill to get called to the office. Have you ever been in that predicament? The more it happens, the worse it gets, and it is not cool. Don’t you hate when you have to call your parents in the middle of a school day and ruin their day by telling them you disrupted someone else’s? It overall depends on how schools enforce discipline, but it can get ugly in some schools. Positive School Discipline is the best way to lead a school because it can lead to less suspensions and expulsions, it can help teach students better ways of acting rather than making them feel like…show more content…
When kids feel uncomfortable, they oftenly panic, and become annoyed or depressed. After these symptoms occur, there may be danger involved that will mislead the safety of a school(s). In the article, “School Climate and Discipline”, it reads, “Teachers and students deserve school environments that are safe, supportive, and conducive to teaching and learning.” There are a lot of ways to make sure that students and teachers are getting the privacy and space that they may need or want. When you change a school in a positive way that is leading to better opportunities for learning, there is a better chance kids will be happier doing what they like doing at school. In the article, “What is positive school discipline”, it states, “Positive School Discipline is integrated into the policies, programs, and practices of a school and is applied systemwide—in the classroom, school, and community—to create a safe, supportive learning environment for all students.” When a student feels safe and happy at school, the teachers are doing their job. They are doing what they are supposed to be doing, leading their students down the road for potential success. Also, in the same article, “School Climate and Discipline”, it reads, “Creating a supportive school climate requires close attention to the social, emotional, and behavioral needs of all students.” As you can see, creating a supportive climate in your school can be useful. Although, it will take some extra time to correctly navigate all of your students in the right direction for success at school. Kids won’t change by themselves, they need people to help them learn how to get involved properly in a safe environment! When those kids died in the Florida shooting, it was a devastating thing. It left a black spot in the hearts of some people, and it will never be mended. As a parent, I would be
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