School Ethnographic Analysis

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This statement about the focus of ethnographic work is inclusive of at least “three different approaches to school ethnography: holistic studies of schooling within the context of particular communities or institutions. And studies of schooling practice and function across different levels of an institutional hierarchy (e.g., Mehan, Hertweck, and Meihls 1986). It is also inclusive of a wide variety of data collection strategies and techniques, including direct observation, formal and in­ formal interviewing, written note-taking, or various forms of "ma­ chine-recording". From the perspective of the author and following this line the administrators and ethnographer play their own role without interacting. They might do their work well but information…show more content…
Efforts and opportunities to work in schools and organize to evolve: “Efforts are under way in a number of states and districts to enrich the reporting conventions of educational administrators and to encourage more in depth understanding of how schools function. These efforts embrace more comprehensive descriptions of the social and community contexts in which schools manage their affairs (Oakes 1989) and clearer definitions of the educational goals they are trying to achieve (Fetler 1986). While not explicitly informed by ethnographic work, some of these efforts reflect increasing attention to the cultural and social analysis of school activities”. Proposal of evolving ideas, adversities, and…show more content…
Both enterprises require knowledge of schools as interpreted contexts for action and inquiry, both require knowledge of alternatives to existing school practice; and both require knowledge of the full range of interaction effects between educational research and practice.” “Ethnographers can play a special role in developing this kind of knowledge by conducting detailed studies of how researchers and practitioners perceive and perform their work, both individually and collectively. They can also play a special role in initiating and examining alternative forms of social organization for researchers and practitioners. With this in mind, extending inquiry beyond the ethnography of education to include the ethnogra phy of ethnogra phy and education represents an important next step for school ethnographers, educational administrators, and their many and varied colleagues.” Proposal of evolving ideas adversities

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