Importance Of School Health Services In Schools

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12.4. School health services in Basrah
Definition of school health services
School health services are defined as “The procedures used by physicians, dentists, nurses, teachers , etc, that are designed to appraise, protect, and promote optimum health of students and school personnel through planned programmes. The overall objective of the school health programme is to ensure that every child is as healthy as possible so that he can obtain the full benefit from his education.

Importance of school health services
a. The school age is regarded as the most important phase of childhood life during which the child enters the society training system and emerges as a contributing member of the community. If the child doesn’t maintain adequate health , the benefits of education will be lost because of absenteeism or lack of attention due to ill health and consequently a poor academic performance.
b. The School plays a very important role in health education and promotion at the crucial stage of childhood and adolescence. It develops personal character, skills, attitude, and physique.
c. schools are access sites for students to receive increased and improved care, which might not be adequately received elsewhere
d. Provision school health services is related to the educational mission of school and academic performance of school children.
In practical life , an

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