Importance Of School Holidays

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The school holidays can be a blessing or a bind depending on your perspective; for a working parent it can be difficult to take extended leave or to organise quality child-minding for an extensive period of time. However, if you have the time to simply kick back and enjoy your children it could be the perfect opportunity to relax and reconnect with your offspring.
Arranging some new activities is always a great way to avoid any boredom. There are endless different things that you could organise most of which could turn the holidays into a wonderful adventure for all of you.
Obviously, some activities are more weather reliant than others so I have put together a few really cool ideas to get you started on your adventures, both indoors and out:
1. Check out websites and promotional literature for ORGANISED ACTIVITIES in your local area - sometimes there are specific activities set up to keep the kids amused during school breaks. These can range from:
• Arts and crafts days
• Museums
• Sports activities

2. Decide on a particular day of the week and make that day a THEME day every week. Everyone has to dress up in an outfit and do activities according to that theme, even meals can be themed. Perhaps a good deal of imagination will be needed but kids generally don’t really lack that!

Here are a few ideas:
• Pirates – Make a pretend boat and don your pirate hat and hand hook.
• Prince and princesses – A castle
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