Importance Of School Lunches

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Mr. Collins, Many school cafeterias across the country now regulate lunches being served. Schools believe a healthy environment, even included on the lunch menu is needed. This however, causes an issue to up rise. School lunches should remain unchanged. A healthier, school lunch menu is not necessary. First, schools sometimes provide free lunches to those who cannot afford the lunches served, this could very well be the only meal some students receive throughout the day. Students who only get a meal once a day should be fed a good meal that the student will enjoy and, that will last them until the following day. Secondly, changing the lunch menu to a healthier style could cause students to pack their lunches. As a result, that would decrease the amount of students getting school lunches. Many students may be willing to try the new lunch, however once they decide they are not fond of the provided lunch, they will most likely…show more content…
Changing the style and menu of lunches prepared at school, does not change the fact that students can eat unhealthy after school. Healthy school lunches might motivate students to eat healthier, however, most students will choose what they like and what tastes better. Students initially will continue their normal eating habits of eating whatever they choose. Having a healthier lunch menu could make the students feel better throughout the day, yet, eating unhealthy two other meals during the day does not help. School lunches should remain unchanged. After all, students should get a say in what they want, not what others want for them. Regulating school lunches does not make students healthier. Instead, it only pushes them away. This particular restriction is not necessary and will only cause issues. Providing a hearty and delicious meal that all students will enjoy is the best
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