Importance Of School Uniform Essay

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Thirteen years of young people’s lives are spent in school and many say these are the best years of their lives. However,school brings rules and boundaries including the need to wear school uniform which many, including myself, believe are unnecessary.
School uniform is believed to allow teachers and other members of staff to easily identify students within or without the school, which is a safety precaution.Primary school students, I agree should wearschool uniform as they are younge rand are more likely to disappear or become lost when out on a school trip.However, secondary school students arrive at high school with expectations of being treated more like adults, but this is a larger rule by the rule of wearing a school uniform as it stops you from being your own person.
The younger years of people’s lives are always the most vulnerable and discovering. Younger people begin to try and find their own personality and make them selves feel as though they fit in with the other young people that surround them. However,school uniform does not allow you to have your own personality show through as it makes everybody look the same and if students cannot find out who they really are then a vital part of schoo lexperience is denied.
Although the safety factor is a big issue I believe there are otherways to solve the problem.This includes the idea of school students only having to wear one piece of school clothing, for example a shirt. This idea would allow students to then
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