Essay On Why I Want To Go To College

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As I prepare to enter college I want to make a difference in the world I live in. Whether this difference is helping people live a healthy life or doing research I want to be a person that can make a positive impact. This light inside me is the reason I plan to study health sciences so I can set a path for pre-med or some related career in health. Health sciences is a dynamic field that is constantly evolving with new discoveries to enrich the human experience. Science is my passion and being able to further pursue this field is a blessing. I find this field fundamental to quality human life. With technological advancements people are empowered to live a better life despite deficits that may prevent the gift of life. Through science people can be healed and diseases can be eradicated. Science has the power to change which is why I want to embrace this field. I believe in the power of science and medicine to help those in need. I want to be able to be part of the solution to providing care that is a right for every person on Earth.
I believe I am a qualified individual for this scholarship. I demonstrate the skills needed to be successful in this field by being an AP Scholar with honors and being in the top 1% of my graduating
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From helping my Mom start a new life in a new country and creating a life for her out of nothing, really showed me the worth of higher education. Education empowers and provides a forefront for those eager to learn. I want to go to college that would provide me a place to explore my ambitions and passions. I now know that college is the perfect place where thoughts and capabilities grow into something more. To me, high school is not a percentage of my learning but a journey that leads to a new destination. Without growth words such as improvement and success have no meaning. I now know that college is another stepping stone towards my
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