Reflective Essay On Science Fair

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For this experience, I was given the opportunity to receive knowledge of the outside world through scientific tools and instruments. I was given the opportunity to be a mentor judge at the Thomas Alva Edison Regional Science Fair. With grade level ranging from middle school to high school, I was given the opportunity to evaluate the thoroughness and skills of their presentations. I was able to conduct and ask questions about the students' work and give constructive suggestions on their methods, conclusions, hypothesis, displays, and presentation. Through the interviews, I gained the valuable opportunity to hear out every student will and background of their individual project. The biggest thing for me was the conversations and enthusiastic…show more content…
I learned that science fair projects let students learn, use, and demonstrate the importance of science and the reason behind why things happen around us. As a future educator, I took away the idea that a student’s science project reflects what they enjoy and are interested in. I learned that students need to be prepared for active learning and given the opportunity to enhance their own learning. Rather than simply completing a project to fulfill an assignment, I learned that students need to emerge with a broader view of the importance of their research. After conducting interviews, I learned that students need to value science outside of the classroom and reach beyond the classroom. One student produced a rocket that he built himself to see how far it would fly, I asked him if he wanted to work for NASA one day and he replied, “I want to not only work for NASA, but develop an eco-friendly fuel that helps produce the most effective rocket to go into space”. This connects why I want to be a teacher and the idea that ALL students have their own personal interests. I want my students to learn about their passions, find their passions, and to see that science can be
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