Importance Of Science In Nursing

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The subject of science can be an extremely boring topic for many people in school. However, in my opinion, science and the study of how the average person’s body functions has always been fascinating. My interest in science throughout all my years in school is one factor that contributed to why I chose to pursue a career in the Health Industry. Another reason that I chose to study health and medicine is my love for helping people. Seeing someone I’ve helped smile with happiness never fails to give me a great feeling of satisfaction and joy. With these two things in mind, I naturally chose to become a nurse in the Health Industry, a field where people like me are able to make a difference in the lives of those in need using medicine and science. The main goal of healthcare professionals in the Health Industry is to promote and provide beneficial healthcare for their patients in the best way possible. Among those people, nurses play a large role in patient care before, during, and after their treatment. They serve as a bridge between doctors and patients to ensure that their needs are satisfied. While doctors are usually the ones who diagnose patients and offer suggested methods of treatment, nurses play a more direct role and spend a large amount of time assisting, administering medication, and checking up on patients on a daily basis. The number one objective of nurses, as well as every other healthcare professional, is to utilize their knowledge of medicine and science in
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