Importance Of Scuba Diving

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Scuba diving is one of the most popular activities that encourages the tourism growth. The areas with extensive and diverse coral reefs would attract visitors from several countries to explore the wonders of the underwater world. However, changes in the climate in recent years have caused damage to the oceans and the reefs.
For example, the beaches of Philippines have various diving sites. The warming of sea from E1 Nino phenomenon resulted in what is known as coral bleaching. The coral bleaching results to the death of about 49% of live coral. Without these organisms and creatures underwater, the industry of diving in this country will suffer. The diving crowd does not have any reason to visit the Philippines of its coral and sea life will continue to experience devastation. ii. Coastal Flooding and Erosion
The rising of the sea level is the more pressing concern of climate changes. The elevation of Maldives is low that means that the higher the sea level rises, the more likely will the island be over washed with storm surges. It is estimated that Maldives could be removed from the map in the next 30 years if the unabated sea level continues. Not only the tourism of the country will effected but the entire island would disappear.
For example, the Bahamas in the Caribbean is the popular destination among tourists because of its temperate climate and its pristine beaches. But the warming brought on by climate changes is going to negatively impact the island in a greater

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