Importance Of Second Language Learning Essay

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Language is broadly considered a tool which is used for interpersonal communication in a community. There have been many linguistic communities around the globe. Under their languages, every community has developed their own outlook of the world which gives a distinctive feature to that community. Different communities are in need to make relation with others. First linguistic communities make their ties with other linguistic communities for their security and needs. Every community needs to know about others’ values and ideologies. We know better about other communities with their language as language works as a repository for their culture and ideologies. So the second language learning demand arises. Secondly, when human civilization expanded in search of resources i.e. water, food, and good habitat, the need for second and foreign languages were felt. When the nineteenth and twentieth century started, the world entered into a new history. There began exploration, the industrial revolution, circumnavigation, technological development, occupation of foreign territories and global communication. With the onset of the new era, it was intensely felt to know about others’ languages to help in understanding their values, thoughts, and culture. Thus the new subject of second and foreign languages learning appeared in the academic education. This second and foreign language learning has attracted in recent time more attention of researchers, educationists and educational
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