Importance Of Self Assessment

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SELF ASSESSMENT AUDIT Brown and Glasner (2003, p. 1-12) discuss the fact that assessment methods and requirements probably influence how and what students learn more than any other single factor. They state that through building up evaluative skills and self-assessing, students can become more effective learners. They further insist that:
"Self assessment is inevitable when students are reviewing their own development and performance, when there is a reflective component, when critical incident accounts are used, and anywhere where progression and added value are discussed."
An important, and essential, area of the self-assessment process is personal and professional skills. Opportunities to learn and develop are everywhere; so how can we tell if we are gaining knowledge, skills and abilities from what we are seeing, hearing and experiencing? This is where a self-assessment audit tool is useful. The self-assessment audit form is a valuable asset in that it provides students with a structured way of evaluating and managing their own skills. It can highlight the abilities one already has and draw attention to areas that one needs to be skilled in but may have overlooked. When self assessing it is important for the student to be as truthful and objective as possible without underestimating their abilities.

The skills audit I chose for my self-assessment is based on the concept of the Sheffield Graduate from the Sheffield University website (Fig1 a), I picked it for its

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