The Importance Of Self Awareness And Personal Mastery

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1. Introduction
An effective Manager does not manage the employees to be successful, but rather leads the employees to success. Although management plays an integrate part of it, it should not be the dominant factor to be successful within your team as the manager. Being the Manager should be seen as an opportunity to lead, supervise, mentor and motivate other team members.
I am current for filling the role of an onsite operations manager with in my team at a client site with 12 resources reporting into me. These are support resources and some of them are working shifts to ensure that the day to day operations on the Mainframe and the clients Data Centre Environment runs smoothly. I am also managing the third part Vendors that support the Data
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Self-awareness and personal Mastery
2.1 What is Self-awareness and Personal Mastery?
Self-awareness and personal mastery are the most important aspects of being a good leader. Achieving these goals will lead to personal leadership which in return will trigger the aspects that will transform a manager into a leader and with time you will become a great leader. This will not only benefit you, but it will benefit everybody around you and ultimately benefit your company.
The success of Organizations today are dependent on a lots of talents and skills that cannot be mastered by one person alone. The issues that arise these days with in these organizations has to do with technology, finances, human resources, leadership and legal issues. A manager must not only manage the resources reporting to him but in most cases he needs to manage his or her own management as well. A leader that have the self-awareness to realise that he or she is not adept to deal with all these issues, has taken the first step in becoming a great leader.
Self-awareness and personal mastery will be achieve by mastering your own Emotional Intelligence which consists of the following
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The correct words must be used to express the correct facts and Ideas
• Assertive Communication: When I communicate with my fellow team members, it must be powerful but tactful without disrespecting the individual. Good managers are bold, persistent and confident. This must be expressed via your communication and attitude
• Creating a Connection: Although business is all about financial results, the human factor still plays an integrate part of this results. By showing true interest in my fellow team member’s emotional situations, I will be able to interact with them in an informal and relaxed why. This will enhance the trust to be able to communicate both ways and make them feel valued.
• Integrity: Integrity is the alignment between thoughts, words and actions. This will allow the interpersonal connections, trust and communication to flourish. This is a very important component of creating a good environment for resources to grow and excel in.
• Motivational Skills: A manager needs to balance the motivational reward of the team member with the strengths that the particular team member has to be able to get the maximum result while developing and growing the specific resource. This reward is not necessarily financial driven. By creating the interpersonal connection, the manager will know what rewards will drive the team member to get maximum

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