The Importance Of Self Awareness Approach

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Extensive understanding of the need to be self-aware, use interpersonal skills and avail of on-going training and support.

Self-awareness is one of the first components of the self-concept to emerge (Kendra Cherry, Self-awareness basically describes a situation where the light of awareness is turned onto ourselves. While awareness is our ability to take note, self-awareness is our ability to take note of ourselves. Self-awareness is not something that we are actually aware of at every moment of every day but it is something that is central to each and every one of us. According to Crisp&Turner “Self-awareness is a psychological state in which people
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Without them I would not be able to get my point across to people by communicating with them. I would be unable to listen to others which is very important whether it be at school or at work. Because of interpersonal skills I am able to make decisions for myself and don’t need to rely on anyone to make them for me. I am very grateful to have interpersonal skills as employers often seek to hire staff with ‘strong interpersonal skills’, in order to communicate effectively with colleagues, customers and clients. Without knowing it you may take interpersonal skills for granted due to the fact they become so natural to us and we have all been developing them since childhood, usually subconsciously.

I myself find that I have good listening skills which is an interpersonal skill. I always listen to people and what they have to say. Listening is the only way to follow two topics on communication (Will Gemma, List Of Interpersonal Skills: 10 Must-Have Attributes, 7/4/2014). I also have good verbal communication skills. I find that as I work in a restaurant that this has helped me develop this specific interpersonal skill as I must communicate with the other staff members and costumers throughout the day.
I also notice that an interpersonal skill that I must develop in myself is questioning. I often find that if I have a question to ask I sit back quietly in hope that someone else will ask. I feel though that lately this weakness is developing more and more as I become braver in asking questions in front of

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