Importance Of Self Confidence In Transition

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Whether you are laid off, let go, or your company has closed its doors, the new buzz phrase is that you are in "job or career transition." The good news is that being in transition is much more positive and powerful than simply being unemployed. Unfortunately, many people in transition are feeling anything but positive and powerful. Losing one 's job brings up feelings of grief, fear, and many times anger. You may feel like you lost your identity when you lost your title. Even if you did not enjoy your position, when someone else makes the decision that you are to leave, you cannot help but experience rejection. Realistically though, you do not have the luxury to remain feeling dejected and rejected because it will take confidence and feeling competent to get that next career opportunity. The following are some ways of maintaining your self-confidence during transition and some helpful tips to remind you that you lost your job, not yourself: Expect and accept negative feelings. When we experience negative emotions like sadness, frustration, and hopelessness we either try to put those feelings out of our mind, or let them take over so that we feel engulfed by them and powerless against them. These and other negative feelings are normal during job transition. Rather than waste energy fighting back negative feelings, let the feelings roll over you; but choose not to dwell in them. After all, they are feelings not facts. Of course you can feel sad about what was but you can

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