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Whether you are laid off, let go, or your company has closed its doors, the new buzz phrase is that you are in "job or career transition." The good news is that being in transition is much more positive and powerful than simply being unemployed. Unfortunately, many people in transition are feeling anything but positive and powerful.

Losing one 's job brings up feelings of grief, fear, and many times anger. You may feel like you lost your identity when you lost your title. Even if you did not enjoy your position, when someone else makes the decision that you are to leave, you cannot help but experience rejection. Realistically though, you do not have the luxury to remain feeling dejected and rejected because it will take confidence and feeling
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It is important that you take control of the things that you can and let go of those you cannot. It is also important to be aware that during challenging times, people often become depressed or use unhealthy behaviors to lessen their pain. If you feel that you are struggling more than you think is normal, consult with your family doctor, a member of the clergy, a therapist, or a trusted friend. You are not alone and do not have to do this by yourself.

Quick Tips for Maintaining Self-Confidence during Job Transition

Keep a regular schedule - get up as if you were going to work, shower, dress and be ready to start your day Practice healthy routines - now is the time to pay attention to a healthy diet, regular aerobic exercise, and getting enough sleep Use stress management tools daily - whether it is yoga, breathing, imagery, or positive self-talk, make sure you are managing your stress Avoid isolation - stay in touch with friends and family even if you feel like hiding out at home Stay in the moment - avoid the "what if 's" of the past or the future by taking control of what is happening today Connect with your spirituality - spiritual or religious beliefs help center us, even being outside in the natural environment puts things in

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