Right Of Self Determination Essay

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The right of self determination, which emerged after the World War I, was on the agenda of the countries. Purpose of this right the exploited communities would gain independence. Then, following the United Nations ' regulations on this issue during World War II, this right has become a part of international law. In our age the right of self determination includes not only countries with colonial past, but all peoples, and is regarded as a human right. This article mentions the historical development of this right, the use of it in the countries and the consequences of this. There are lots of studies about the right of self determination and distinct opinions have been raised, but discussions,
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“Self-determination is defined as the freedom of the people of a given territory to determine their own political status or independence from their current state. In other words, it is the right of the people of a certain nation to decide how they want to be governed without the influence of any other country” Self-determination can also be defined as ethnic, linguistic, or religious groups living in a dominant state acquiring broader linguistic, religious rights or autonomy without leaving the state.
III. Types of Self Determination
a. Internal The Right of Self Determination
This right is the right of a community to choose the form of government freely without external pressure. It is the decision of all sections of the population to determine the social and political structure of the system. This right is expressed as "internal self-determination". According to this concept, the right of the self determination related to the form of political administration and especially it expresses the recognition of freedom to the peoples in the determination of state and government forms.
Internal he right of self determination is not only a recognized right of ethnic and religious groups in the country. Everyone, who live a country, can use this right because internal self determination has a democratic meaning.
b. External The Right of Self
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