Importance Of Self-Determination In Mindanao

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In the past days, weeks, months even years, Mindanao is known to be a chaotic place where they asked for a separate government over the national government. Many people have been fighting for their independence and hoping for a peaceful environment but it just worsens. For more than 40 years minority Muslim groups, indigenous ethnic people known collectively as Moros have fought for self-determination. The Mindanao conflict, expressed in Muslim armed resistance against the Philippine state, has deep historical roots and resolution is definitely not easy. The armed conflict which has been fought under two competing banners of national self-determination on the one hand, and protection of state rights on the other hand, has taken thousands of lives, destroyed millions worth of properties, and displaced a magnitude of people who sought refuge in other regions of the country as well as in neighboring countries. The territorial question has been disputed more often in the battlefields than over a negotiating table. They wanted to set up an autonomous region, to be known as "Bangsamoro", in the south of the mainly Roman Catholic country before…show more content…
The right to self-determination is the collective right of a people to determine its own future, free of any outside interference or coercion. It includes the right to determine this people’s political status and to freely pursue its economic, social, spiritual and cultural development. In connection to the definition of the right to self-determination the Muslim people had clearly act to every word of self-determination. They really do exercise their right to self-determination but have not yet been officially recognized as a separate government of the Philippines. It is still on the process of recognizing their request to be separate and to have its own law and governance and which we cannot interfere their own decisions and its economic

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