Importance Of Self Disclosure In Family

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2.7.6. Self-disclosure of Family
In any of type of communication openness or self disclosure is primarily important for having good communication among family or some else, but mostly among family members. Some part of every person’s life is secret. In other ways, self disclosure or uprightness has strong feelings and emotions in among family members interaction. Family is the most agent of socialization in social class and cultural groups ( Brinkerhoft ,2011). It occurs when an individual reveals to one or more people some personal information through clarity. It requires of awareness of information about oneself. However, its pattern varies with each types of relationship (Oslon, 2000). According to Oslo;
Family self-disclosure or uprightness is necessary for more interaction; reaction, sharing information, expressing feeling and to build intimacy.
Mostly openness is giving out individual and private information with another that serves to deepen relationships. In the life of individual Self-disclosure or openness or honesty is complex and difficult, and involves risk on the part of the discloser and a willingness to accept such disclosure on the part of the other. High mutual self-disclosure is usually associated with intended relationships, among nuclear family. It is characterized by trust, confirmation, and affection, and is influenced by cultural groups in family. In most families, boundary management is an ongoing process. Family members must continuously decide

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