Importance Of Self Organising System

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Self-organising systems has been inspired by the behaviour of the insect societies. Grasse, who explored the field of self-organising system since 1953, discovered that the change form that these insect societies occur without existing any central point of control. The insect societies was not the only societies or system that has been demonstrating the self organisation system, but planetary systems, organic cells, living organisms and animal societies has many existing systems demonstrate self organisation as well. The reason that these systems are considered as self-organisation systems, is that they show frequent properties inherent to self-organisation. Self-organising systems are playing a big role in many scientific areas such as biology, chemistry ,geology, sociology and information technology, and considerable research has so far been undertaken to study them. Therefore nature inspired the researchers to design a self organisation mechanism of an artificial self-organising system based on it.Not to mention that recent research has been focused to introduce the self-organisation mechanism for software applications and for the entire software development techniques. Due to the variety of systems in self organisation, it is difficult to find a precise definition of self-organisation. In its simplest form, self-organisation can be considered as the autonomous arrangement of parts of a system in such a way as to be non-random.cite{sosBook} As well it is difficult to

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