Importance Of Self Regulation In Food Industry

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The Food Industry and Self Regulation:
Standards to Promote Success and to Avoid
Public Health Failures
Background of the Study
In this article we examined Self- regulatory System adopt by the food Industry along with their Strengths and weakness and also evaluate the Successful or unsuccessful results at Self-regulation in other Industries. We Also examined self regulation in 2 industries, like the food industry, manufacture products whose consumption is linked to health concerns (tobacco and alcohol), along with 2 quite different industries (marine fisheries and forestry), which have developed extensive self regulatory systems and addressed governance issues, with sufficient history to draw conclusions about impact.
Gap Analysis
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The Guideline to these industries to make promise to set standard for caloric and Nutritional content of beverages to be sold in schools and then High Schools or Colleges
The Coca-Cola & PepsiCo fail to introduce the high notorious drinks in Schools sector but launch Energy drinks or Sugar free drinks in market instead of to work in children point of view
Children 's Food Advertising
15 main food and beverage companies like: Burger King, Cadbury Adams, Campbell Soup, Coca-Cola, ConAgra Foods, General Mills, Hershey, Kellogg, Kraft, Mars, McDonald 's, PepsiCo, Nestlé USA, Dannon, and Unilever USA play big role in marketing sector to attract consumers as well as children’s. All companies promise to not less than 50% advertisement to attract children’s direct advertising to the promotion of healthier dietary choices and convey messages that our products are in good nutrition or healthy lifestyles. The other companies like Disney and Nickelodeon promised to not use their names on the packing of their food products. Disney has less than 30% of calories in meet and 35% of calorie in snacks products. On other hand Nickelodeon does not meet the criteria in Nutrition calorie in their
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Smart Choices Food Labeling
The use of symbols in labeling to food products packing is aim to creating the uniform system where the food companies can indicate foods that represent more nutritious choices. The program has 2 main features:
1. Indication on the front of the package of how many servings are in the container and the number of calories per serving
2. The application of the Smart Choices symbol to foods that meet designated criteria
The main feature to use the standard symbol is to how consumers use the symbols, and whether diets actually improve. This self effort use by the industry to cover the major concerns marketing and labeling to attract the consumer as well
Self regulation is a process where the industries organization set the rules and regulations to meet the criteria of consumer needs and wants where government rules not mutually completed. This is also the socially responsibility of the industries to entertain the consumer welfare. The only risk is to avoid the personal interest instead of consumer wealth
Motivation for Industry Self Regulation
Motivation for the Self regulation industry is very important to work without government threats and set the rules and guidelines for

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