Importance Of Semiotics In Consumer Research

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Abstract- Effective communication is an aid used in everyday life to communicate thoughts (message). Communication is effective when the recipient of a message understands its meaning and can express that meaning back to the speaker or sender of the message. Semiotics, or semiology, is the study of signs, symbols, and signification. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the principal perspectives of semiotics and its application for understanding consumer (consumer research), corporate positioning and brand development. Keywords-Semiotics, Semiology, Effective Communication, Communication, Brand, Corporate, Customer, Customer Research, Positioning, Marketing, Consumer Insights. Introduction- Brands are built over time. Since the day of their…show more content…
Semiotic positions meaning at the nucleus of consumer behavior and involves the study with multiple perspectives. “Advertising is a cultural document, a way of presenting and apprehending the world"-(Sherry 1985, p.1) thus, a semiotic consumer research helps to understand and map consumer behavior and psychology which at the end helps for a better communication. Semiotic consumer research is an integral part of the process of designing a communication. It helps to study- • Consumption Pattern- The reason, why a consumer gets attracted to a particular. What symbolic that grabs his attention and leads to his consumption. For example we very often pick up products due to look and feel and the visual appearance. Thus , to understand which visual appearance the consumer connects helps the marketers. • Consumer Mythology- This gives us the associations that consumer has due to his social background, status and the associations of the past. • Symbolic Interactionism- This helps to analyses how the various elements coming together interact with each…show more content…
Thus, semiotics has become an integral part of the marketing world. Semiotics is the study of this hidden language, the colors,shapes, sizes, graphics and materials all have meaning and all subconsciously influence consumers’ responses to the brands. Semiotics is an analytical eye to the visual language of branding, and the culture. It is a way to define how, what to communicate to create an impact on the consumers. It provides an understanding of the ways in which cultural codes connect products and our human reactions to them thus, being an indispensible part of the corporate marketing

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