Importance Of Separation Of Powers

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Separation of powers has played a key role in preserving our framework for freedom. Our young country, may not have survived without separation of powers. Luckily, a French lawyer named Baron Montesquieu influenced James Madison to convey the separation of powers in the fifty-first Federalist Essay. The system is a grand balance; each side has an equal amount of weight. If a side were to have more weight, the system would break. Each branch of the government needs its own independence. The three branches of government are the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches. Each branch has its own tasks and principles that should be independent. The separations are important because it prevents any one branch from gaining too much power. Since each branch is under control, freedom is preserved throughout the entire country. The three branches of government have the same amount of power. The system of checks and balances give each branch their own specific tasks and duties. Checks and balances act as a system with shared power. The Executive Branch is in control of making sure the nation’s laws are obeyed. The Legislative Branch makes the laws of our nation. The Judicial Branch interprets the laws for the country. The President can veto laws from the Legislative Branch. However, the Legislative Branch can override the veto with enough votes and can also impeach the President. The Judicial Branch can declare a law unconstitutional. The separation of powers and checks
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