Importance Of Service Animals Essay

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“Until one has loved an animal, part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” Anatole France. The relationship between animal and human is important because, service animals need that relationship to know how to communicate with their owner. By that relationship they can keep us alive in the strangest ways, they teach us new lessons, and they awaken a part of your soul. Those things would never happen, if it wasn't for pets and service animals. Service animals play a great role in keeping people alive and well, here are two examples of this. This story is about a man who has a bipolar disorder with psychotic tendencies, he depends on a parrot who whenever he gets in the mindset of something not true the parrot will say “I'm here calm down. I'm here” and will say that till he calms down. Then there is another…show more content…
I know this because once I had a dog named Max and he was my best friend my favorite companion. When I was little I got lost in the forest, (which is in my backyard) he followed my sent to where I was then showed me the way out. Another story is I have a cat her name Roxina, she is so important to me because when I'm sad or not myself she'll come lay with me and play with me, when she does this I forget all the bad things that are happening and become normal or myself again. I could've never done some of the things I have done if it wasn't for them. So in conclusion that is why I believe,animals can teach,keep us alive, and open our hearts because of our bonds. If it weren't for animals where would our society be right now, it has been scientifically proven that animals have been with us since the beginning.We can have the friendship and companion to go through the tough times. We need to appreciate what they do for us and for others. Animals are an important factor to life. O’hana, nobody gets left
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