Importance Of Service In Ministry

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My heart’s upmost desire is to love the LORD our God with all of my heart, soul, and mind and to love my neighbor as myself. My goal is to put that desire into action through service in ministry.
Recent life experiences have taught me that I am not self-sufficient. Having been raised in church I always knew I needed God in my life. It wasn’t until two years ago that I felt I needed Him. Thirteen years ago I set out to accomplish ambitious personal and professional goals. I knew I needed spiritual goals, but they were never formulated. Eleven years later I accomplished my ambitious goals only to find out I did not like the lonely view from the top. The least of my cares turned out to be the greatest.
In light of these experiences, I have grafted my personal and professional goals to my spiritual goal of service through ministry as a military chaplain. While I have the desire to serve, I also realize I need the professional training to equip me to handle the challenges in specialized ministry settings like the military. A Master’s of Divinity (M.Div.) is the next step toward reaching that goal.
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After much research and prayer I have decided to pursue a M.Div. at Regent for two reasons. The first is the interdenominational composition of Regent’s faculty, staff, and student body. The gospel of Jesus is all-inclusive without exception. Therefore, the Church must look to the cross for reconciliation, as we are all one body. Secondly, Regent offers a concentration in chaplain ministry. As a military member I have personally lived through many of the challenges faced by service members. Military chaplains are more than just spiritual guides; they also take on the role of counselors and mentors which requires specialized

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