Overseas Guest Experience Essay

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DATE: February 11, 2016
Research Methods ? (Chapter 1)

What are the local Jamaican?s experiences with service in the hotel industry compared to their view of the overseas guest experience?

Is there equity in service at the Jamaican hotels for both the local guests and the overseas guests? Local Jamaican guests experience sub-standard service in our local hotels compared to the service quality experience by the overseas guests in the same hotels. The hotel industry being a part of the tourism sector which is the major earner of most countries participating in tourism activities focus on quality service delivery to all its guests to ensure profitability and continuity. As such these hotel managers know that the aim is to ensure that all their
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Hotel managers should know that every guest is important whatever their socio economic background, appearance or otherwise.

This study will also be important because it will ensure that local hotel managers ensure equity in service to all guests to ensure satisfaction of guests, develop local guest confidence in the local hotels and create loyalty. Also, our local guests form a large part of their revenue in our local hotels and the experiences shared by our local guests about their experience in local hotels will help the hotel managers understand why the locals prefer to go elsewhere with their families to vacation. And to make changes in their treatment of local guests providing equal treatment to all their guests, and know why it is

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