Importance Of Service In Travel And Tourism

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Since the inception of life, travel has fascinated man. Travel and tourism has become one of the thriving industries, which are now considered as one of the most popular activities that are done for many purposes. It all depends on the quality of service and work executed by the organisation. Therefore, it is very important for firms to follow a consistent pattern in their services. The consistency in service ensures the customers will return and opt for the same travel agency. Without applying quality to the work or service, the foundation of work suffers, so does the management.
Whether, a person is travelling for business or pleasure, they expect to receive a good experience during their time of travel and stay. This ensures the organisation also takes their quality of work and customer service being provided to their new or old customer’s very seriously. For example, travel and tourism organisations ensure to apply and maintain consistency in customer service to practice, excel and benefit their company, customers and the stakeholders of the firm by taking the necessary protocols for improvement in the services.

4.1.2 Service
Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries known to mankind, so are the services that have been used throughout time. Service in travel and tourism revolves around customer service and satisfaction. The main reason why customers keep returning back to the services is due to quality in the services they are provided with. Many
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