Importance Of Service Quality In Higher Education

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RECENT ASSESSMENT TOOLS OF QUALITY IN HIGHER EDUCATION 1.0 INTRODUCTION Nowadays, service quality assessment is an issue that cannot be neglected by any university, even in the higher education in developing countries. In order to tackle this problem, it is necessary to invest in quality systems and tools for improvement. Universities are usually driven to engage in reforms by a variety of forces, which mostly come from globalization, supply and demand issues, competition, accountability, and technology. Their survival and development are determined by improving service quality that satisfy students’ needs, since it is vital to higher education services. Earlier researchers studied on higher education quality services emphasized academic issues more than managerial issues (Oliveira, 2009 and Malik, 2010) concentrated on effective course delivery mechanisms and the quality of courses and teaching. A few decades ago, it was not taken for granted that university staff should be formally and regularly assessed, except when they were candidates for promotion. Most universities saw this as a task that had to be done by peers, with other stakeholders seldom being included in this process. Senior colleagues assessed whether a young colleague was fit to move up in the academic ranks. His or her teaching and research behaviour was certainly discussed, but very seldom, if ever (depending on the country or university), was there any formal assessment by other stakeholders. 1.1

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