Importance Of Service Standards

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A service is intangible product based transactions. Quality, efficiency and consistency in services helps a service in success. Service standards helps an organisation in delivering quality, efficiency and consistency. These standards improve and monitor performance and quality of the service provided. Service standards are expected behaviours and etiquettes expected out of all persons related with the service firm. It ensures a customer focused provision of services and thus ensuring customer satisfaction.
It involves a set practice standards. These range from basic levels to sophisticated systems. It is a useful guide to employees. Non-existence of service standards causes uncertainties. It causes inconsistency in service delivery. Good services standards could not be set up without thorough understanding of customer needs and expectations. Service standards are integral part to customer satisfaction.
Customer standards helps in meeting customer needs. It also helps in practical handling of the resources and costs. It enables diligence in service provision. Standards should not be set too low or too high. They are measurable. Assessing standards is an important process in service marketing.
Service standards set goals as well as limits for employees. For example, service standards clearly demarks the limits of an employee in managing a problematic customer. He would now know the point at which the customer complaint should be forwarded to the manager. Service standards

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