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Register to read the introduction…I mean, the English educational system (and many like it) is so structured that you could say that the grades we achieve at the end of our GCSEs, A-levels or degree seem to be predetermined by our teachers or the achievements in education we have had in the past. This highly deterministic system while may be accurate when dealing with some students, has the effect of discouraging other students from setting educational goals especially when those goals are not in entire agreement with the predictions of their teachers. This could even work the other way, they could be entirely satisfied with their predicted grades and therefore refrain from setting personal educational goals because they are confident that they will achieve their predicted grades regardless of…show more content…
Using myself as an example, I have done well in school but I was never an overachiever. At the end of year primary school, I achieved a level 5 which was good but hardly exceptional. Working through secondary school, the pattern started to repeat itself, all the way through secondary school and up until year 13 I had achieved good grades but they weren’t the ‘best’. While all my teachers told me they were good or according to my predicted grades, my ‘personal best’, I wanted to achieve more. Setting educational goals alongside (and occasionally contradicting) my predicted grades allowed me to not only achieve some of my personal goals but surpass them exceedingly. Setting these goals allowed me to show myself and other people that I was willing and able to handle efficiently and passionately not only my current work but even occasionally much more advanced level work.
I am currently studying for my degree and I still stand by setting educational goals for a number of reasons, of which I will highlight the five most important below, using myself as an example. Setting educational goals is important

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