Importance Of Setting Goals Essay

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Set Your Goals Teachers sets our grades for us to at least pass our grades or the exam, but is that all you want, just to pass? Don’t set your goals to pass, set your goals to achieve the highest grade possible. Today I am going to tell you about my philosophy for a happy life and that is to set your goals on what you want to achieve. Some people only care about passing and not getting the best out of what you do. But at the end they feel ashamed for not doing their best when they had the chance and they will regret it because the second you limit yourself is the second you fail. Don’t just set your goals to pass but do it to surpass others. If you do it to just pass but not do it to be better than others, then you will have a feeling of guilt when you see other people who are better than you. For example, Ed Sheeran, when he was young he wanted to do music so he learnt how to play the guitar and listened to a lot of music while on…show more content…
Let me tell you this, never ever stop trying to do what you love to do even if you are horrible at it or you fail over and over again. Never stop trying even if your goals seems like hardest to achieve. Your goals are what you dream of having. So don’t ever stop, you may fail a thousand times but if your goals are what you really desire just keep trying and stay focused because at the end, when you achieve your goals you will feel that every part of the process of the towards your goals was worth it. Your discipline is the bridge between your goals and failing. When you work towards your goal you want to have good discipline because why would you feel ashamed or fearful of what you are doing? Just know this, if you think of little goals you will achieve little accomplishment, if you set big goals you will achieve big accomplishment. When you know you can’t achieve your goals, don’t adjust your goal but adjust the step towards your
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