Importance Of Setting Goals In School

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Tony Robbin had said:" Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible." This quote shows us how important it 's to set goals and how helpful of that, especially is for us_ the student. For me, I 've set three goals for this school year, as a reminder for me to keep on track, those are: pass the ELL 3 course, get more than 95% in math class and get full credits for this year. I hope by the end of this semester, these goals will be completed successfully.

First of all, my priority goal for this semester is to pass the ELL 3 class. In fact, I need to take English 10, 11 and 12 to graduate, but if I want to take those courses, I 've to get out of ELL first so to achieve this goal, I 'll need to prepare a lot. First, I should work hard in class to get great scores on tests. In the other words, it means I should be paid more attention in class and always finish my works with all my ability. Another thing I prefer to do is always ready for class. To illustrate, I have to work hard at home, finish all of my homework before class and be prepared for next class. In addition, practice English a lot by myself will help in improving my skill. For example, if I practice hard at home, I 'll know what is my weakness so I can notice more on that at school. To summarize, this is the most important goal that I need to work really hard and always notice so I can achieve it for this semester.

Another goal that I have set for this term is to get more than

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