Importance Of Sex Education In School

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Many questions regarding the purpose, the implementation and also the content of sex education are being query by a lot of people such as teachers, parents and also students. All issues relating to human sexuality which are responsibilities and emotional relations, sexual anatomy of human, sexual activity, human reproduction system, the age of consent, reproductive health, reproductive right, safe sex, birth control and sexual abstinence are included as an instruction of sex education. Nowadays, social problems among our teenagers such as free sex, unwanted pregnancies, wedlock pregnancies, abandoned baby and others have been a major issue in our country and the answer to this problem is sex education. Sex education should be implemented in school because of the on-going social problems among the teenagers. The first reason why sex education should include in school syllabus is that it can help to reduce social issues currently occurs among our teenagers. Teenagers nowadays are exposed to trying…show more content…
For example, some people said that sex education could be inappropriate for youngsters. co-founder Andy Barr said, 'I am not surprised by the results of the study, with the majority of parents against the idea of sex education in a school environment’ (Andy Barr, n.d). Many think teaching the sex education are the parent’s responsibility, not the school. This sex education is the sensitive subject so that parents must have their way to approach their kids and control what they want their child to know at the very young age (, n.d). When teenagers are exposed by learning new knowledge like sex education, they will be more curious and start to ask more about it, like ask about sexuality and sex. If they are not satisfied with the parent’s answer, they will search for it on the internet for more detail and guaranteed them to found more about
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