Importance Of Sex Education In Schools

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22 September, 2017 The Editor Dhaka Tribune, Dhaka. Sir, I shall be very happy if you kindly publish the following letter to your esteemed daily. Yours faithfully Nusrat Jabin Maliha Open Letter to Nurul Islam Nahid Nurul Islam Nahid sir, During your first few years as the Education Minister, you were my favorite. You did some great works, and we all appreciated them. Unfortunately, as the time went on, your decisions started to take a toll on us. Seven creative questions in Bangla and within two and a half hours? Were you even thinking? You wanted to ensure the children enjoy their childhood. But have you ever stopped for two seconds and thought, how they would 'enjoy' their childhood when you've hung swords -…show more content…
But it's so frustrating - being a guinea pig for your experiments for years - that rambling comes naturally. Anyway, I've jotted down some points that I feel is absolutely necessary for our education system. 1. We need Sex Education in schools. Possibly from class six. These unwanted pregnancies and sexual violence happen because of the lack of education on this subject. Teenagers don't understand their bodies. Whatever they learn are from adult films/porns, which is unhealthy at its best. Blocking these sites won't help because people will use proxy browsers to access these sites. We need proper classes with 'competent' teachers on sex ed. 2. We need counselors in every school and college. The number of suicides that are taking place is alarming. These suicides and suicide attempts are a result of mental illnesses that are overlooked in our country. People need to understand that mental health is as important as physical health, if not more. 3. The grading system must be changed. Students are turning into pressure cookers because of these grades. Why not grade in average marking system? Individual grades can be considered when determining the group that students will study in college, and the career path they can choose to
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