Importance Of Sex In Advertising

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e first instance of the deliberate use of sex to sell a product was by the Pearl Tobacco brand in 1871, which featured a nude woman on the package. In 1885, W. Duke & Sons planted raunchy cards into their packs of cigarettes that featured sexually provocative material. Inevitably, Duke went on to become the leading American cigarette brand in 1890. Other early forms of appealing to the audience through the use of sex in advertising are woodcuttings and graphical illustrations of stereotypical attractive women (often nude from the waist up) on the cover of posters, banners, and advertisements of tobacco, guns and salons. Looking into several cases of importance, sex in advertising has shown a direct correlation with increased consumer interest and sales. Even during World War II, the U.S army exported X-rated magazines to soldiers fighting overseas for them to use as a medium of ‘relaxation’ during the difficult war period, a scenario which was backed up by…show more content…
It's a turn on. Not a turn off." After a lot of undisturbed brainstorming, the company settled on the name "KamaSutra", which connotes to an ancient Sanskrit method of being sexually involved and the temples sculptures indicate the positions involved in the process. The coined term was known to Indians who were well-educated, and they were the target audience. Accurately forecasting the massive impact the advertising campaign would make, the company bought all the advertising space in the extremely popular glitz and glamour magazine Debonair and posted sexually explicit pictures of Bollywood stars endorsing KamaSutra condoms. A television advertisement was then produced featuring an erotic bathroom scene. The television advertisement, however, was banned from airing shortly but the print advertisements proved to be highly

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