Importance Of Shariah

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‘Shariah’ literally means a waterway that leads to a main stream. From this definition, the word is used to describe a path or passageway that leads to a certain goal.1 The terminology of shariah can be set as chapters of divinely pre-sanctioned lost and rulings or prescribed principles in which muslims would abide themselves by so they can relate to Allah SWT as well as concerning their relationship with other human beings. The shariah is generally predicted on benefits to the individual and the community, and its laws are designed to protect these benefits and facilitate the improvement and perfection of the conditions of human life on earth. The Maqasid al-Shari’ah is the subject for objectives of Islamic law. The word ‘maqasid’ derives from the arabic word which means ‘purposes’ or ‘goals’. Three other words that are found relevant in conveying this term includes hikmah (wisdom), illah (effective cause) and maslahah (interests or benefits). Most muslim scholars are of the agreement that the ultimate objectives which are necessary for mankind to be able to live…show more content…
Traditional classifications of maqasid are divided into three levels of necessity which are daruriyyah (the essential), the hajiyyah (the complementary) and the tahsiniyyah (the desirable or the embellishments).2 Referring to Yusuf Al-Qaradawi,3 after surveyed the Quran he concluded that maqasid is “Preserving true faith, maintaining human dignity and rights, calling people to worship God, purifying the soul, restoring moral values, building good families, treating women fairly, building a strong Islamic nation, and calling for a cooperative
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