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Ho Chi Minh is a more young, active and bustling city than the ancient capital Hanoi. If you love to go shopping, then Sai Gon is one of the best choices in the country. However, to save your time, we will share best places for shopping in Ho Chi Minh. 1. Ben Thanh Market It is a pity if you arrive in Sai Gon, but do not visit the local Ben Thanh Market. This is not only a trading location but also the best place to see various Vietnamese products. There literary all kind of goods in Vietnam you can find here such as clothes, toys, souvenirs, accessories and so much more. When you pass by the dried coffee stores, its smell will certainly hard to resist. Moreover, tourists can find a wide variety of street foods around the market. Noodle,…show more content…
The market receives mostly local people, sometimes several groups of tourists. You may encounter dried products, jewelry, fruits and especially fresh seafood. Although not as diverse as Ben Thanh, it is possible to find delicious Vietnamese foods around to regain energy. 3. Tan Dinh market Another market in District 1 is Tan Dinh Market and it is a little special than the other two. All the products are probably the same, however, unless you do not love Vietnamese cuisine, Tan Dinh market is a food heaven. It is impossible to eat everything in Tan Dinh market since a good selection of dishes are offered there. Visitors will explore the rich cuisine of Vietnam through foods like Crab soup cake, Fermented pork roll, Sweet soup, Pho, Hu Tieu. It promises to be an exciting trip for food lovers in Vietnam. Nonetheless, if you feel unsatisfied, we advise you to reach Tran Khac Chan street nearby. Your culinary tour continues with Vietnamese hot pot, spring rolls, Hue foods and so forth. 4. Saigon Square After exploring these traditional market in Ho Chi Minh, it is time to visit the malls and the first one on the list is Saigon Square. Fashion, accessories, and jewelry are the main products with different size and

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