Importance Of Short Term Memory

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People have always wondered why they were able to remember certain things but forget others. After cramming for a test, why do you usually forget all the information over the next few days? When people cram for tests they have a tendency to use Type I rehearsal, which is repetition. Repetition is when you say the same thing over and over again until you memorize it. Type II rehearsal is elaboration. Elaboration is trying to connect what you are learning to something you already know. Elaboration is very effective. An example of Type II rehearsal would be the acronym of HOMES. HOMES could help a person remember the names of the Great Lakes - Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior, by using the first letter of each of the great lakes name.…show more content…
An experiment was done by Ronald B. Gillam to see if specific Language Impairment Children had the same memory capacity of average 16 year olds. Gilliam asserted:

each participant was tested at a level that was consistent with his or her auditory short term memory span. The study concluded that the specific Language Impairment Children have difficulty either retaining or using phonological codes and tests that require multiple mental operations (Gilliam et al, 1998, p.913).

Proper information such as that given by Gillam could suggest that there are many complications concerning memory. Even after studies and experiments have been done, there are too many questions dealing with Short Term Memory; however these experiments and studies help us learn more about Short Term Memory.

Short Term Memory is greatly complicated, but there are things to help improve memory. As stated before, you could use mnemonic devices like Homes. Another good way to ensure remembering pieces of information which is to study it long after you think you know it perfectly. This process is called overlearning. The more thoroughly you learn something, the more lasting the memory will be (Loftus, 1989, p.
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Consideration with Short Term Memory should be looked at more efficiently to show students and people that try to memorize for a test, or trying to remember a past event should be done correctly. Complications can result in short term memory which will be later dumped. In order to remember something efficiently we should relate it to something or even if you think you know it inside and out to spend more time with it. The importance of short term memory should be shared with the public. Suggestions given to help improve memory skills of people could improve the quality of
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