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Silviculture assignment
Discuss on how silviculture help in managing tropical forest sustainability. Silviculture is important in maintaining the sustainability of forest; silviculture is an application of the knowledge of silvics in the treatment of forest. All the theories and practice of silviculture could be applied in controlling establishment, composition, health quality and growth of forest to meet diverse need and values. There a lot of silvicultural practice that could be applied which are control stand structure and processes, control of composition, control of stand density, control of rotation length, facilitating harvest, restocking, renewing and protection.
The distinction and distinguish features between forestry and silviculture
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As we know that forest is a natural system that has been supplied human with various products and services. There is particular type of forest management that involved sustainability which is sustainable forest management. Sustainable forest management means the environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of forests for present and future generations. The purpose for forest management is for preservation of forest where it designated to protect natural environments and biodiversity and to conserve the forest as conservation is responsible to limited the use of forest resources so that it can be used more sustainably longer into the future, rather than allowing it to be used up quickly and then be gone…show more content…
If the tree are being planted in wrong way such as too deep in the soil the trees will not grow to the expectation because the seedling may be unable to access the site resources effectively. It will cause the tree to die or develop slowly due to the greater susceptibility to diseases and insects and thereby face increased the risk of mortality and tree declining quality. For the sustainability of tropical forest this technique could be used as it will be a great help to planted the endangered tree in order to preserve tree. Next, the usage of pruning also will be a great help to a forest sustainability. Pruning is the silviculture treatment method which involving the process of the removal of the lower branches of a tree. In pruning technique we should not prune half of the tree height. Through this treatments the tropical forest could be sustain.
As a conclusion, the applied of silviculture technique in the tropical managing forest is important as it will be help in improving the quality of the tree in the forest. The presence of silviculture technique could balance and sustain the content of tree and element in the tropical forest. The applied silviculture also help in preserving and conservative our tropical forest and it will help its gain their

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