Single Parent Families

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How important are families to individuals and countries? Raising a family is difficult enough. But it’s even more difficult for single parent to make the ends meet. They don’t need more obstacles; they need more opportunities.
- Bill Richardson Why I chose this issue
I chose this issue because it affects the economy of a country and an individual. Single parenting is very communal in today’s time, due to the death of a spouse, divorces, and marital separations. It has been observed in various surveys that over last 20 years the rate of single parenting has increased. In an article of (THE NEW YORK TIMES) it was written that about 15% of the children live in a single parent household world-wide.
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Due to the divorces and unplanned pregnancies, approximately 25.8% of the children who live in the United States are raised in single parent households. According to the (OECD 2011) 15% of the population world-wide lives in a single parent household, out of which 85% of these households are women. Consequences of single parenting The consequences of single parenting are as followed:
In most single parent families there is some form of financial problem because of which the education of the child is being affected, the child is not being provided with proper education. Not only education but also the basic needs are not being full filled. These were some consequences that a child faces in a single parent household. It not only affects the individual but also the country, after marital separation or the death of a spouse a human will go through mental trauma which will directly affect the efficiency of the work they do. The rate of Latrice mingles falls down as there will be finical problems in most families. As people will more often go to courts for marital separations, it results in a larger requirement of resources, which will also require
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The top 5 countries with the highest rate of single parenting are: United States on the top with 25.8% children living in single parent households, Ireland at second place with 24.3%, followed by New Zealand with 23.7%, fourth is Canada with 22.1%, and last on this list is The United Kingdom with 21.5%, because of theses divorces it’s not only the individual or the country which is being affected it is actually the whole world which is getting affected for example as the parents are getting separated they will also need different houses (land) to live in and as everyone is well aware that land is a scarce resource. Since people are being separated, the demand will increase gradually. It’s not only about land or increasing demand it is also about the education, as, in some single parent families the child is not provided with good education due to financial problems. What measures are the governments taking all around the globe to tackle this? What are the governments doing to help the single parents? A few evidence of single parenting are as followed; (Nelson Mandela- he was raised by a single mother as his father had died when he was 12 years old), (Abraham Lincoln- the 16th president of United States was raised by a single father as his mother had died when he was 9 years old the struggles which he was already facing because he belonged to a poor family he always wanted to
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