Importance Of Site Planning

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Introduction When it comes to site planning everything needs to run smoothly to have a good effective workforce performing to their best abilities. Site layouts should show a good relationship proposed of surroundings with respect to communication, approaches and existing facilities. Good planning should decrease the time and cost of moving plant, labour and materials. Proper storage of materials and location too were they are meant to be built helps save time and keeps the site neater. Before construction commences a site layout should be drawing up with a good knowledge where things should be put. Access should be guarded and should be well protected from bottlenecks that could occur. A health and safety method statement needs to write up…show more content…
For example, if the materials aren’t in the proper area such as concrete batch plant machinery being put too far from the build places, it will cause a lot of time hold ups for labours to bring the concrete to sites. This will delay the time to complete the project. The Different materials should be located at the suitable locations. This will help to increase the productivity of every construction projects. Materials of planning a safe and secure construction site for workers include measuring, ordering and scheduling. It is said by every contractor, architect that planning is a very important process to increase the productivity, profit, and increasing the time to complete the construction projects. The productivity of any construction project will be finished if the material planning process is not correctly implemented properly. The Handling of materials is the flow of the materials to there place that provides for their correct movement and location. Due to the rate of handling materials, there are some quality needs and considerations when designing a materials handling system. When the selection of the materials and handling equipment is so important to enhance the production process on any site, provide the proper plant machinery and operation of manpower, it will increase production and advance the system to be more flexible and controlled. (UK Essays,…show more content…
There should be fire and building examples of program elements, including pre fire plans; maintenance of fire protection devices and training on their use of Machinery. There should be security features such as, guard service during nonworking hours on major sites and means for reporting fires easily or requesting for emergency assistance. Pre-fire plans, are a compilation of information to help emergency responders, including access, water supply, construction features, fire protection systems and any

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