Leadership Development Plan Essay

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AC 4.1 Plan the Development of Leadership Skills for a Specific Requirement The world is rapidly changing with demands increasing. Hence, leadership is considered a vital area for an organisation’s future. Planning for leadership development is relevant. Leadership is considered as a requirement. Therefore, it is essential for future leaders to be skilful and knowledgeable to manage future situations efficiently. It is necessary for law firms to have a plan that will help with transparency to efficiently allocate resources for success. Similarly, having a business plan for the development of leadership can be useful as it allows employees to cultivate their skill sets and competencies. This will lead to personal and /or professional development.…show more content…
However, as the causes have been finalized, consequently it should assist in improving the skills mentioned and the decision making process when deciding how to handle the situation. Skills Development Plan This plan is focused on assessing and improving the gaps identified in performance to improve the firm’s productivity and guarantee client satisfaction. The implementation of this plan will be discussed below. Step 1: Identifying areas for improvement In reviewing an employee performance evaluation, one of the primary objectives is to focus on the areas akin to the employee’s competence in achieving his/her goals and having a positive impact on the team. Hence, the best way forward would be achieving the firm’s goals and working together on projected resolutions. Consequently, managers will need to evaluate employees performances on a quarterly basis as well as their own performances as a leader and thereby decide on what it is that they share in common among employees. Based on the skills assessment and Organizational Review exercise done the manager would have an idea as to how to proceed and carry out strategic decisions that will assist in enhancing areas identified whilst being consistent with the strategic goals achievement for the
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