Importance Of Smile Essay

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“The smile is the shortest path between two hearts.” by Alexandru Gh. Radu

That pretty face persists in my mind. It was so beautiful and bright, its warmth and gentleness always received me with an open heart. There has never been a “no” or “can not”. It was always there whenever I needed. My bad mood vanished as it instantly made me feel good and safe. After years and years, I understood what attracted me: its smile. A smile sprang from the heart, full of love, a true one…

What powers hides a smile? Why are we so strongly influenced by it? The feelings it awakens in each of us are strong and memorable. In all cultures, it is widely accepted that smile is a symbol of happiness. I would say that it is a gift from God. It reminds us of our
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The body repair itself, becoming rejuvenated and invigorated. It strengthens the immune system and increases the ability to fight disease. People who smile a lot are those who live longer because they are more optimistic, and thus they can pass easily over problems.

2. It increases self-confidence and self-esteem

The smile has a direct impact on confidence and self-esteem. It’s obvious, when you’re feeling good within yourself this is shown in your attitude or in the way you speak and think.

3. It makes you more attractive

The smile is considered to be attractive. Your face will look brighter, more beautiful and more relaxed. It is showing the warmth you emit and the fact that you are a person who can be easily approached. Smiling face is a calm, serene and eye-catching one. In a study carried out by Orbit Complete, it was demonstrated that people prefer a smiling woman instead of one who wears makeup. Can you guess what is this saying? That smile works always to our advantage!

4. It helps you to adapt to the surrounding environment

Many people smile without even realizing, because it is a natural reaction to things they consider beautiful, funny or profound. For them it is a form of expression, but also a form to adapt to the things or people around.

5. It improves your

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