Importance Of Social Change

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Why is radical social change important? It is important, because it is a movement that transforms a new way of life. This new way of life happened only through the people unifying together, and creating equality. The purpose of this essay is to compare the Cuban revolution movement, and the May 1968 movement as two very different attempts of change. Each movement had their own stories of origins, and these are the original blueprints how we approach social change today. In 1952 former Cuban president Fulgencio Batista lead a military coup, and had a military dictatorship established in Cuba. According to John Foran it was, “a small band of idealistic young revolutionaries overturning a military dictatorship through determination, bravery, and…show more content…
These both movements gave insight and examples of violent and nonviolent forms of change. Cuba and the May 1968 had the biggest turn out of peoples’ involvement in their time to be a national view, that what really matters because no matter what your nation says international influence is important. If any radical movement does not catch the attention of everyone, then it is not radical because being radical is out of the norm. The fact that every movement may succeed or fail, the lessons from any movement is the impact it has on history. Success is never guaranteed in life, by making a name for yourself or even being heard is the best ting possible. That what the movements wanted to do and efforts made a little check list on what is needed. According to John Forans’ 1st lecture slide what was needed to be a successful radical change revolution is, “they transform the state, they mobilize the population, to a greater or lesser degree they lead to changes in social relations” these are not a perfect result that need to happen in order for transformation to occur, but they are a basis on countless other movements studied in order to see a pattern of real change. A change of this magnitude is not always necessary, but useful for the change of human history for a better unity amongst the
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