Importance Of Social Class In Malaysia

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A person’s “social class” position is strongly linked to his or her health status. Social class is measured either by a person’s income or occupation. So, the groupings of social class is upper, middle, working and underclass. According to Cambridge dictionary, middle class people is defined as a group of social people or society that consists of well-educated people, and are neither very rich nor very poor. Moreover, social inequalities also based on their wealth, income and power. In malaysia, middle class people can be said not focus in urban and cities areas only because this middle class people can also be found in village and rural areas such as in Kelantan, even tho we can said that Kelantan have a very poor facilities and health care service but students in Kelantan able to get the highest number of students getting straight A’s in SPM 2016 which is 1,015 over 52,617 candidates able to achieved all A’s in their results and also another example in an article Utusan Online, Putrajaya 16 Mac, stated that “the growing gap between candidates in the city with rural candidates is among the achievements in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) decision 2016”. Based on that statement, we can see that the rural, undeveloping and village areas also can be labelled as middle class people because of they are well-educated. Communicable disease in middle class people is nothing much difference with upper and lower class because mostly middle class people that stay in cities or

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