Importance Of Social Cohesion

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Social cohesion, as the term itself suggests, is the coming together of people with varying circumstances or beginnings and iis observed through the various members’ behavioural characteristics. In order to achieve this goal, the members involved are not necessarily needed to be of the same economical stature or religion. The only requirement for this objective to be attained is for every person involved to actively work towards a flourishing society, through building mutual trust and stable social networks along the way. This essay will review how important social cohesion is for countries to prosper and explain exactly why Singapore needs social cohesion to work properly.

For countries with multicultural societies and racial communities, social cohesion and communal harmony become integral aspects. This is mostly due to the conflicting mindsets of individuals in the various communities. When people of different lifestyles come together, divergence is inevitable. The differences between their ways of life would mean that opinions on matters will differ. Consequently, divides in the country
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Comprised of many communities with varying perspectives on lifestyle and different perceptions of the world around them, the chances of social unrest occurring in Singapore is high. A country lacking in natural resources as well as land area, Singapore only has its people to rely on to prosper and benefit from. Any form of infighting occurring would spell disaster for the country. This has been acknowledged by the Singaporean government, prompting them to put in place policies that would aid them in achieving their goals of peace and stability. These policies encompass the creation of a national identity for Singaporeans, the safeguarding of the interests of minority groups as well as developing a common area for the various groups to congregate and
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